Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Yet Another Example of What Happens When You Don't Make "Model" Crafts

Here is another example of what happens when you don't give directions, and let the child lead the craft.

This is the original craft as shown on a website, everything neatly glued in the right place. It's very attractive:
What we did was to make a template of the tree trunk--it's here on the original website.

We put the template into the take home bag, along with a ziplock bag containing a handful of shapes. I sliced assorted colored construction paper into squares and rectangles  with our paper cutter, made circles and triangles with my wonderful Sizzix Big Shot.

And the instructions suggested gluing them onto the tree, and perhaps adding your own things with markers or crayons. We did NOT include a picture example.

This afternoon a mom sent me an email with a photo of her daughter's creation. Another mom sent me a picture of her son's tree:

Their own work using their own imaginations. Pure creativity.


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