Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fun With A Ukulele:"There's A Dog In School"

This isn't truly a flannel thing, but you could easily to this song with flannel figures--and I know people do it with puppets or finger puppets.

Someone asked about  "a dog singing the alphabet song" on the Storytime Underground Facebook page.I'd never heard of it. But when someone else posted the link I looked it up.

I don't like Miss Carole or whatever her name is--there's something about her that makes my saccharine meter go off. But I liked the song, and it's from Bill Wellington, a good storytelling and song writer. So I learned it--it's an easy song.

I will probably do this with puppets, but when it's a new song, I like to use my ukulele to teach everyone the song, so I decided to figure out the chords.

Sure enough, this is another for the pantheon of Kids Songs Anyone Who Knows Three Chords can play. Because if you know C, F and one of the G chords (G  or G7), you can play "Twinkle Twinkle/ABC" and a thousand other kids songs with confidence.
(This song does have you singing the ABC song with each animal, so if you want to play it you need both G and G7 for the ABC part. So 4 chords...)

After doing this video I watched one from Anaheim Public Library. I hadn't looked at it before because it was a puppet version, but Miss Angel does it in English AND Spanish, and I think I've managed to figure out her Spanish version. I plan to do it and amuse my nannies:

There's a dog in school/Hay un perro en l'escuela,
 Oh, no!
What are we going to do/Que lo que vamos hacer?
So long as there's a dog in school/Si hay un perro en l'escuela
He's going to learn his alphabet too/Tendra que aprender!

Anyway, here's my version, English only. I'm going to love doing this song, and I think it will work with my one year olds as well as my 2 and up gangs:

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  1. Thank you Linda! Best thing I learned all week. I adore your video. ~ jane

  2. Thank you, Jane.
    (And I'll whisper that I'm Lisa, not Linda, but since I've tried to stay anonymous here, it's fine :D )


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