Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Talk UP To Children

Dear Gray Haired Kindly Bookstore Lady In Cape Cod, and All Your Fellow Librarians/Booksellers,

Kids do not like to be talked down to. That six year old boy was being very polite, but your sweet, kindly, sticky voice made me gag and flee the bookstore.

The reason kids get hostile towards the Purple Dinosaur That Must Not Be Named when they reach kindergarten age (if not sooner), is that the show talks down to them. It patronizes them.

Even  preschoolers like to be talked to in full sentences and normal voices. Talk to them as if they were 15 or 16 rather than 3 or  4 or 5.

It's disrespectful to do anything else. And it shows how utterly, utterly clueless you are about kids.
Even if I hadn't know that by the books you were offering that nice little boy.


The Library Lady

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