Saturday, April 26, 2014

Flannel Friday: Buzz On!

I've been so busy DOING programs, I've had no time to talk about them or write about them! And I know that there are lots of great versions of this fingerplay out there--I got the idea from several other Flannel Friday entries. So why put this here?

Two reasons. First is to show off how glad I am to have realized a die cut machine might help me here. After having bought a bargain priced Cricut and struggling with it, I decided I didn't want an electronic machine (it ended up just needing a new blade and I sold it on Ebay), but something more like the Ellison machine that used to live in the back room of my old library. And I ended up with a Sizzix Big Shot. I got a good deal on it via and I really like it.

The main thing I use the machine for is to cut out basic shapes. I bought several sets of Framelits--they are intended for scrapbooking frames, but they cut simple ovals, circles, squares and triangles. I need to get stars and hearts and then I'll be really set for anything, but the Sizzix came with a die that has several small hearts. Just what I needed for this board.

The bees are narrow ovals cut from stiffened yellow felt, glued to circles cut from stiffened black felt. Their wings are white felt hearts, glued 2 per side. Googly eyes, a little black paint and I was set.

They are a little too large & bulky to hide behind the beehive on the board. I may attach them to a glove, as inspired by Sunflower Story Time, or may just hold them in my hand, bring them out and put them on the board as shown in my video.

Reason two is that while looking for ideas for this fingerplay, I came across a site from Australia: "Sing and Grow"  and a lovely singing version of this song. You can click on the link and hear it there, or just listen to it on my little video below. Mine is the unaccompanied version, which I hope gives you the courage to try it at your library.

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  1. The bees are cute! Bees are a fun theme and this is a great addition! Thanks for sharing. I love my Sizzix Big Shot. Ebay is another great inexpensive source for diecuts too.


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