Friday, November 15, 2013

They Don't NEED A Class On "Play in the Library"

I am snorting this AM because Betsy "Mother Goose On the Loose" Diamont-Cohen is going to get paid to teach librarians a course on encouraging "Play at the Library".
Then again, I snort because I've been doing "Mother Goose On the Loose" type programs for as long as Betsy has, and I'd bet there are plenty of other librarians who could say the same. We just didn't get smart enough to market it....

Listen, folks, what we need at MY library is a course on "Reading To Your Child At the Library" and another on "Actually Taking Books Home FROM The Library".  

They've got the PLAY thing down just fine. Just fine indeed.

Cleaning up afterwards is another matter though. How about a class on THAT, Ms Betsy?

THAT would be useful.


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