Friday, November 15, 2013

They Don't NEED A Class On "Play in the Library"

I am snorting this AM because Betsy "Mother Goose On the Loose" Diamont-Cohen is going to get paid to teach librarians a course on encouraging "Play at the Library".
Then again, I snort because I've been doing "Mother Goose On the Loose" type programs for as long as Betsy has, and I'd bet there are plenty of other librarians who could say the same. We just didn't get smart enough to market it....

Listen, folks, what we need at MY library is a course on "Reading To Your Child At the Library" and another on "Actually Taking Books Home FROM The Library".  

They've got the PLAY thing down just fine. Just fine indeed.

Cleaning up afterwards is another matter though. How about a class on THAT, Ms Betsy?

THAT would be useful.


Friday, November 8, 2013

Flannel Friday: Turkey Flannel Board AND Turkey Windsocks

The windsocks came first, about a decade ago when I found a teacher's website where she had patterns for the windsocks she made with her students every month. While I wouldn't have used them as a craft, the patterns were perfect for making seasonal windsocks to hang at the entrance to the children's room:

The body was made with a basic pattern which I will show you below this. The "feathers" were made by tracing my hands repeatedly. Body and feathers were both cut from stiffened felt.
I don't have the original foot pattern or the wattle, but they're pretty basic and the beak is just a diamond folded down.

The whole thing is hot glued to another piece of stiffened felt, this one shaped into a tube. The streamers are wired ribbon, which keeps their shape, though we've used plain ribbons as well.

To hang it, 4 holes are punched near the top and fishing line is threaded through each. They are tied together at the top and attached to a fishing swivel. Fishing line and swivels are really inexpensive and great for projects like this --easy to find in the sporting goods section of Walmart or some such.

Unfortunately I didn't make paper copies of these patterns and the website has disappeared. I was able to find the files once, a few years ago, but I think they went off to NeverNeverLand when my work computer croaked.

So when I decided to make a turkey flannel board for the kids to play with in the children's room this month, and decided I wanted to use this shape as the body pattern, I had to carefully pull off the body from one of the windsocks and trace around it.  Here's the basic shape. Please know that I am left handed and ten thumbed, and as a result I don't draw well or cut neatly. But this will give you the idea.

If you want to do a separate head, neck and body, I found a mom with a downloadable pattern for a turkey flannel board HERE. And while I didn't use the body, the feather patterns were helpful.

I made the body and glued on eyes and features, then cut out a batch of large and small feathers. Again, I used stiffened felt. I also cut out a batch of shapes, mostly triangles and rectangles, from leftover felt.


The turkey has been out on the table all week and it's fun to see what the kids are doing with the shapes:

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