Saturday, August 31, 2013

Flannel Friday: Labors Of Love

 Sorry for the late, late, post, but when I asked for this date I didn't assume I'd be in the middle of a bathroom renovation at my house, or that I would have to fulfill a promise to my 14 year old by taking her on a long day trip the LAST Friday before school starts again!  
NOOO, I thought I'd have lots of free, idle time to do justice to all the wonderful librarians submitting posts on Flannel Friday.
Wrong again!

Never mind all that. I am amazed and delighted to have 10 lovely offerings this week. Clearly this may be a holiday weekend, but all of you have been hard at work:

I think of "Aiken Drum" as a food song, and it's one dear to my heart, especially since I was brave enough to try playing it on my ukulele at a program this summer. It was the very first time I'd used it at a program(My friend was playing guitar, so I figured she'd drown out my mistakes.)

Well, both Kathryn at "Fun With Friends At Storytime"  and Ms Jenna of "Stories With Ms. Jenna" each have a way of using "Aiken Drum" as a song for "names" themed programs.

Kathryn's is called "Flip Flap Jack" and includes a link to an accompanying song AND a name theme song by one of my recent favorite children's musicians, Ralph Covert! You can find it here.

Ms. Jenna's yummy version includes the lyrics to a version of "Aiken Drum" on the album "Wiggleworms Love You", and if you don't have that album at your library, you should!
Go here to see Ms Jenna's version.

Fall brings monsters and dinosaurs!  The monsters are at "Thrive After Five", and they're a recreation of the Emberly book "There Was An Old Monster." Find them here.  While Scott at "SLC Book Boy" has flannelized Karen Beaumont's "Dini Dinosaur", and found a simple way to go from dirty Dini to clean Dini! Want to know how? Look here.

Pat Hutchin's "The Doorbell Rang" was one of my daughter's favorite books in kindergarten. I love the idea of doing this with a set of bells to ring for the doorbell, and using it as a hands-on flannel for math.
Shawn's got it for you here at "Read, Rhyme and Sing".

"Miss Mary Liberry" has an "Alpha-Gator" for you. I sympathize with her 3-D issue, I had the same while trying to spice up "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" this summer. You can find it all here, and don't worry, Miss Mary, those Lakeshore Learning magnets are very good--that's what we have at our library!

"What is Bridget Reading?"  I would guess something with pigs in it. Make sure when you go here that you enlarge the picture of her "Five Little Pigs" so that you can admire the details.

Miss Kristen, one of the librarians at "Let the Wild Rumpus Start"  (love that), has made a lovely detailed set of animals from Jane Cabrera's "Mommy, Carry Me!". See her work here, and perhaps you have some suggestions for additional ways she can use this set.

Over at "Roving Fiddlehead", there are a lovely set of characters for "The Enormous Carrot". They're made from wallpaper scraps, which I think is really clever. Admire them here.

I'm glad I'm running late, because it enabled me to see Jane's cute adaptation of "Oh, Dear!"  Come to think of it, I need to try this story myself, perhaps with puppets. Get inspired to create your own version here at "Piper Loves the Library"

What a week!  Katie of "Sharing Soda" will be your lovely hostess next week. My apologies for the delay on getting this out, and hope you will all have a restful weekend before the madness that is fall in children's rooms begins this week!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Flannel Friday Placeholder

I have been so busy this summer, I haven't put up any posts here, let alone done Flannel Friday.
But  I am the Flannel Friday elf this week (or perhaps w/my chocolate obsession, I should use the term "brownie"), and will happily take your submissions here.

 The round-up will not go up until Saturday afternoon at the earliest. The linky thing didn't work last time, so please just enter your info in the comments. And enjoy your holiday weekend!
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