Saturday, June 8, 2013

Flannel Friday Round Up For June 7: Nine Plus One Make TEN!

We've got a lovely assortment of 9 different creations for your viewing enjoyment this week. Which will inspire you to new artistic heights?

1) I can tell you how popular Mo Willems "Elephant and Piggie" books are by telling you that when I shifted my beginning reader books today, not a single one was on the shelf.
I need extra copies! I need MONEY for extra copies!
So I know that the "Piggie" and "Elephant" paper bag puppets Miss Angie has for us this week would be a popular (and easy) craft at any library.

2)I can commiserate with Jane of "Piper Loves the Library" in her not liking ants, because the ants truly HAVE been marching in my office recently, and all those nannies feeding toddlers Cheerios out in the children's room hasn't helped matters!  But I have always loved singing that song with the kids and I think her ants are just adorable.

3)I have no staff and I have limited art skill. But Amber's instructions to her volunteer on how to make 10 turtles looks like something I could do. When you look at the instructions, make sure you also look at her Turtle storytime. I am going to have to check out more of her stuff because I LOVE her comment about the art project:">Not all of them got it, but then I didn’t expect them to. Their art was still beautiful."
Love it, Amber. Just how I feel about kids art!

4)Are you planning a 4th of July story time? If you are, have no fear, because Sandy has some great "Storytime Sparks" to inspire you. The flag raising rhyme has a lot of possibilities, as an activity or as a flannel board.
5) I am hoping to work on some sensory books for my baby/toddler programs and Miss Meg presents a lovely, simple activity. She's given us the clip art on Google Drive and I tested it, so don't worry, Meg, it works!

 6)Sorry, but I have to say it. The flannel board at "Libraryland" is a cute as a bug today!
A little red bug, that is, complete with a spot counting rhyme. I am now hearing the "Ladybug Picnic" song in my head, Lisa and it's all your fault!

7)Erin is another person who is being kind to those of us who are artistically impaired this week. She isn't just showing us the most adorable "Five Little Monsters" you've ever seen on "Falling Flannelboards", she's included the templates! I need to make those for fall and do a monster program.

8)Kathryn at "Fun With Friends At Storytime" has made 5 strawberries so beautiful I wanted to pull them off the screen and eat them, and she's got a counting rhyme to go with them. I'm planning a "Bears and Berries" program featuring works by Bruce Degen and Robert McCloskey, so these berries are now on my to-do list for June.

9) I am blown away with the work Ms Shaia is doing at "Thrive After Three". She offers a whole series of demo videos on how to use puppets with songs. Take a look at some of her other entries--there's lots here I intend to steal borrow. 

10) I know I said I had nine entries. But since librarians like to count all the way to 10 (I had a little girl at a story hour on Thursday who has just learned how to do so in Spanish and insisted on doing it LOUDLY, throughout a reading of "Fish Eyes), here's a special treat for number 10.
Melissa Weidman is a member of the Flannel Friday Facebook group, but doesn't have a blog. But I hope she thinks about creating one, because she has posted lovely photos of her "Bear Snores On" and  "Dragon Story" flannels, so I asked if I could display them here. Beautiful work, Melissa!

Have questions about Flannel Friday? It's all on the official blog. You can also find everything Flannel Friday on the Pinterest boards and we hope you will join us on the Flannel Friday Facebook page.

Kathryn of "Fun With Friends At Storytime" will be your hostess next week. Have fun till then, and thanks for visiting me here!


  1. I really enjoyed reading your roundup this week. Sorry I didn't have anything to contribute. I HAVE to get into gear soon!

  2. Nice job, Lisa. I think it's been a while since I've visited the Flannel Friday round-up...there are many new blogs! Huzzah to everyone!


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