Friday, April 19, 2013

Flannel Friday: Birds in the Tree

As I have mentioned recently on the Flannel Friday Facebook page, I have done 2 weeks of bird/worm programs and I WILL write in detail about them later on. But yesterday, at my last story time of the week, I had a brainstorm, so I wanted to write about this part of it now.

I had made felt birds based on the great Melissa Depper's patterns, and while I am nowhere near the artist she is (I'm not an artist at all, it's my husband and daughters who have the gift), the kids liked them and were able to recognize them as what they were :D  

I used them to sing "Little Bird, Little Bird", and while I am delighted Elizabeth Mitchell has repopularized some of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger's work, it is Pete whom I revere, and whom I credit for my version.I had forgotten to bring in my felt board easel, so I just held the birds up and sang the song most of the week.

But I have the Story Tree in my tiny story room. When I moved into this library years ago, there was a big framed space on the wall that was perfect for putting up one of the "tree" kits you can buy at the teacher's store. Over the years, the tree has evolved. It gets Halloween and Christmas lights, I have artificial leaves for fall and summer, pompom "apples" for the fall, and pretty pink blossoms to hang on it in spring.

So when I was about to sing the song yesterday afternoon, with my 3 and up crowd, I realized I could just pin the birds one by one into the tree as I sang the song. The kids loved it and helped me decide where to put each bird.

So they are all up there now, among the cherry blossoms. And I think they will stay for the summer. I may even make a few more!

Next time: worms, birds, shakers and more--I promise!


  1. You're tree and birds r pritty!

    I mean:

    Your tree and birds are lovely!

    Those dang trolls....

  2. Thanks for sharing this week. Tree looks great.


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