Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter Eggs: Or Once Again, Simple Crafts Are Best

I found a marvelous textured egg craft on a web site. Three cut out eggs on a page. One was covered in multicolored cotton balls, one in buttons and a third in looped chenille stems/pipe cleaners. Nice, but too structured in my opinion for my afternoon group, where I have kids as young as 3 and old as 6.

I also saw a number of "stained glass" eggs, where you use my old favorite clear Contact paper, have the kids put tissue paper or such on a shape, and then cover with a second cut out shape.  Cute, but again, more rigid than this anarchist children's librarian wanted.

So instead, I cut out egg shapes with Contact paper,laid them sticky side up on the tables, and set out buttons, some shredded gift basket paper, strips of tissue paper in various colors and lots of foam shape bits. I provided scissors if the kids wanted to cut the paper. And that was it.

The lovely thing with the Contact paper, of course, was no glue was needed. They simply placed their bits and pieces on the egg and they stuck. And when they were done, I cut out a second egg shape and sandwiched their art work between the layers.

The result was everything from one young lady's carefully laying strips of tissue paper in a pattern, then  cutting off the excess, to one of my youngest 3's beautiful button design, to some wonderful collages.
Each was unique, each was creative and each was beautiful

And all I had to do in advance was gather the materials and pre-cut the eggs, each one taking just seconds to do.

This is how crafting should be, and too often isn't. The kids had a great time, I only had minimal work to do, and the results?

Well, take a look at these photos and judge for yourself!

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