Friday, March 22, 2013

Another REAL "Flannel Friday": Three Little Fishies

A couple of weeks ago I was doing a Dr Seuss program and needed something extra to add to it. I was thinking about One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, but knew I didn't want to use it. But it made me think of another old novelty song I love--a song I'm sure Ted Geisel knew well: "Three Little Fishies".
(It was a novelty hit for bandleader Kay Kyser in 1939)

  I've done the song at programs before, usually with 3 kids wearing foam fish hats, plus another wearing this shark visor I made. But that's usually during summer programs when I have lots of 3 and 4 year olds who can stand in front of a large group. The rest of the year, I'm in a small room with more 2 year olds than 3 or 4 year olds!

So I found a quick pattern on a website for a fish and made 3 little fish-red, blue and yellow. Then I enlarged the pattern to make the purple Mama Fish:

They have wiggle eyes,and I just drew on their smiling mouths with a Sharpie. The whole thing took minutes.

The shark was another matter. After struggling over several that just didn't look scary enough, I ended up just cutting out a paper shark I printed from a pattern and glued a strip of felt to his back so that he'd stick to the board!  He's not very durable but he worked fine and the kids squealed in delight when they saw him:

Since the 3 little fishies have to swim back to their mama, they are two sided. This is why I used felt. I really like making these boards with foam, but foam requires magnets to stick to my board, and they would have showed on the reverse side:

If you don't know the song, here it is, courtesy of that treasure trove of these old novelty songs perfect for programs: The Muppet Show!


  1. Love the happy/snappy shark! Thanks for sharing. I also enjoyed your Youtube tutorial for making the Mouse Paint mice.

  2. Thank you! Actually, I need to make an extra Mouse Paint mouse--loaned one to someone as a model and never did get it back!


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