Saturday, February 2, 2013

NOT A Flannel Friday: "The Snake That Sneezed"

  Way back in the late 80s, long before the Internet, one of my great early sources for program ideas was a little magazine called "Kidstuff". It came to our library and each issue had a theme for programs, complete with book suggestions, songs, magnetboard/flannel stories, etc.

"Kidstuff" is long gone, but I am still using some of the things I found in it long ago and I still have most of the issues. So when Libray Quine asked for snake stories on the Flannel Friday Facebook page today, I dug out that issue and my props.

In this story Harold the snake sets off to find his fortune. Along the way he meets various animals whom, being a snake, he swallows. At the end, a bug lands on his tongue and he SNEEZES! But luckily he's at a circus, the circus owner is delighted and Harold makes his fortune, though of course, he resolves to never again bite off more than he can chew!

To make this story, you take a long strip of poster board, and draw your snake on it. You need to make it very long in order to have space for all the animals Harold will swallow. The cardboard is about 12 inches high, because each of the animals is on a piece of 8 1/2 X 11 inch poster board.

Next, you need to make each of the animal outlines. The great thing about this story is that you just have to make the outlines and color them the same color as Harold!  You can draw them directly or just cut them out from the patterns and glue them on individual pieces of posterboard.
You then need to hinge the animals so that you can flip them forward. Book tape, the librarian's secret weapon, works perfectly for this.

Back view. Note the pink paper "cheat sheets", another advantage of this story.

You will probably need to set the story across two chairs, or have helpers hold it for you.
Then you simply tell the story and one by one, flip over the animals.

I have never used a bug with this, but a little bug puppet might be cute. And when Harold sneezes at the end, you flip them all back--the kids love that part!

I have adapted the original story slightly--you can find my version HERE.
And I scanned the original art--you can find those pictures HERE.

Have fun with this!


  1. Oh, Library Lady, I love this! Thank you for writing it up - it's perfect for my purpose!

  2. How cute and different!! This would be nice for "Dig Into Reading" too!

  3. The swallowed animal outlines crack me up! What a great idea!

  4. This brings me back to my childhood libary storytimes!


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