Friday, November 30, 2012

Flannel Friday: Countdown December!

You could call this a "Flannel Friday" because there IS some felt used on the calendar. And I am betting there is some incredibly crafty person out there who will see this and perhaps be inspired to make a masterwork of this for 2013.

But you don't have to be terribly crafty to make the countdown calendar we've been using at the library for years. In fact, between Google Images and the like, you could easily whip one of these up in short order.

This started about <gulp> fifteen years ago when I worked at another branch library where we had a large bulletin board. Our talented teenage page created a "countdown" calendar using his own artwork. Each picture was hidden beneath a sheet of construction paper with the number made with our Ellison stencil machine. It was simple and colorful and fun.

Here at my current library we have a huge display wall and I realized that though I can't draw, I could make great graphics with the old Print Shop program. It even has wonderful number graphics. For some years I laboriously attached pictures and date covers to the wall--and it was a pain because the wall has molding that leaves big open spaces--attractive but not helpful for bulletin board projects.
Since then my very talented husband built a HUGE bulletin board, complete with a hand stained molding frame for that wall. It's great.

So my assistant at that time and I got the idea to get a big sheet of fabric and make a basic calendar backing.
It's just muslin, but Sally added felt decorations along the edges and marked the weeks and days off with wired ribbon. At each top corner, she put a felt loop and made additional loops of the ribbon along the top edge.

She ended up not even sewing the loops, but simply pinning them, and I think they've lasted better that way!

Now all I do is take the pictures and put the number page on top of each picture, then simply pin them in the right spaces. The pins are the pearl headed sort, easy to see and handle. As I remove each date, I use the pin to resecure the picture. Easy-peasy.

I would like to send one of my notoriously good cheesecakes to whoever invented Contact adhesive hooks. These are the best thing on earth for holding hanging objects on walls. We have 6 of the biggest hooks on the wall above the board. All I have to do is slip a curtain rod through the loops at the top of the calendar sheet, hang it up and I'm done!

The finished board. And if you'd like to see some of the pictures, the slideshow follows. Happy Holidays!


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  1. This is fun! I'd be fascinated by this if I were a kid.

    And I didn't invent the Contact hooks, but for cheesecake I will totally say that I did. So send me one, please!


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