Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bad Story Time Crafts #1

I have ranted several times here about librarians who cut out endless pieces and make crafts that are basically coloring sheets with a little pasting. Waste of their time and of the kids. I used to work with several perfectly nice ladies who did these sort of things, despite my attempts (!) to get them to do things that were a little less anal-retentive. And while going through my files today if found this little gem:

This was the "model" done by the librarian, but there was little need for it, except to tell the kids where the pictures SHOULD be pasted. The drive, the animals and the kids are all cut-outs that were pre-cut by my assistant. All the kids did was color them and slap on the pictures in the "RIGHT" places.
(Please note that even the animals are arranged in a sequence from largest to smallest. Sigh.....)

The school bus w/o the logo would have been fine--and add your own people/animals. That at least would've allowed for some creativity on the part of the kids.

But this one?


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