Friday, February 10, 2012

NOT A Flannel Friday: Heart Art or I Am An Anarchist Librarian

This artwork  was created by a talented member of the library staff, based on "My Heart Is Like A Zoo". It's wonderful and I was tickled that she made it and I'm proud to display it on my small bulletin boards.

But I love what "my" kids did at story time this week far,far,better.

I pre-cut hearts because I couldn't buy them in assorted sizes and colors. I used a page from some craft on the web and xeroxed it onto construction paper and cut them out. But I also made the kids plain white copies of the page. I set out markers and scissors and glue sticks.

We read the book as the last book of the story hour and then we went out to the tables.

And this is what they made.Without patterns. Out of their own ideas.

There are birds and art inspired by the hearts. There's a heart with a face. There's a train and an incredible duck and a caterpillar worthy of an Eric Carle book.

And a "scary one eyed monster"!

There were 30 kids there and none of them did the same thing, including our triplet girls, one of whom was the very last child to finish her project.

 I think that their work says more about kids and art than anything else I could say.
So enjoy it!

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