Friday, February 3, 2012

Another REAL "Flannel Friday": Two Crows for "Three Craws"

I've had a version of this old Scots song running through my head for years--from some kids album or another--but have never used it. But for some reason I was singing it up in my story time storeroom the other day and decided I wanted to use it.

My initial thought was to make sewn felt finger puppets--and I did find a source for a nice pattern.  But then I decided to check the "Flannel Friday" boards on Pinterest, and sure enough, Library Quine, there in bonnie Scotland, had something I could use!

I went to the pattern she linked to, printed it out, cut out the pattern and with the help of some stiffened felt, an X-Acto knife, scissors and my trusty glue gun, made two crows in short order.

I only made two crows, because the way I sang this, the third crow "wasna there at'a". And when we got to that part, I opened my arms and shook my head and the kids and the parents really liked it.

Just for the heck of it, I am offering my sung version of this. I am not Scots of course, but a Jewish girl from New York City, however, we can roll our "rrrs" pretty well too, and this song wouldn't be any fun if you sang "Three crows, standing on a wall". Boring!

I used these with the leg holes, but I think I may try making legs for them and mounting them on sticks for the next time I want to use them. For use them again I will! 


  1. Very cute song and puppets. I like your thoughts about the third crow. Very fun!

    I love your note about trolls above your comments. Made me laugh! :-)

  2. Well, I wasn't expecting to hear my name in the recording, wow!
    I loved what you did with the puppets and the song, and I think you Scots accent is quite as good as mine (if not better).

  3. I'm impressed with the accent as well. I can't do one and I do have quite a bit of Scottish ancestry from my dad's side of the family. I sound like one of the characters in Austin Powers!

  4. hank you, I am blushing at the praise!

    Somehow it seems to be one I can mimic easily. Perhaps it's all those Diana Gabaldon (Outlander) books I am re-reading right now :D


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