Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What Makes Story Times WORK

In a nutshell:

An enthusiastic librarian. Not necessarily loud and physical (though I am!) but someone who loves what he/she does and lets that shine through.

Well chosen material--I've talked about that before and will again, but if you do this job, you know what I mean.

And one more, very, very, VERY important ingredient:

A receptive audience!

Because it doesn't matter how good you are or how many bells and whistles you bring to the party if your parents sit there and play with their cell phones or talk to each other and the kids either universally run amok or just sick there staring at you!

My Tuesday group is tiny. Eight to twelve kids in a room where fifteen to twenty fills it up well, and when it's over twenty we manage, or I move everyone out to the main children's area.

And this fall they were PASSIVE. Aside from one nanny (who I adore and whose employers should double her salary)most of the adults just sat there, and the kids mostly just sat there too.

But today, they got up and danced. We did Nancy Stewart's January dance --with a small group, we could walk around the room in a circle and they did, and they participated. They danced to other music. They joined in on the books.

And it was MAGIC!

This is what story time is supposed to be like. And I hope it continues for the rest of this week and for the rest of this session.....


  1. Not everyone gets the message of "monkey see, monkey do" and sometimes they just need to be told. And then reminded. And then told again. And just when you think you've got everyone on board, you get some new people who want to sit in the back and talk.
    It's an uphill battle sometimes.

  2. It often reminds me of talking to my daughters. Or talking to a brick wall :D

    Sometimes I find it miraculous that I've done this for 2 decades and not lost my sense of humor about it.If I ever do, I will go back to being a bank teller or some such.........

  3. It sound like you had a good day. cool....

  4. I love those story time sessions where things just feel right. Sounds like you've got a great group this time around - enjoy them! (None of the adults in my story times ever dance with me. I've become sort of used to it. Sad.)


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