Monday, January 23, 2012

Snowballs: Or, Lois Ehlert Deserves A Caldecott

Year after year the Caldecott committes have ignored Lois Ehlert, who has done some of the most creative picture books ever done for children. So in her honor today, I present the snow family I made that were inspired by her book "Snowballs"

They are made from styrofoam balls. I discovered that a saw toothed knife like a bread knife is perfect for cutting them in half, and since they were going against a board, halves worked nicely. Toothpicks were used to join body parts and decorations were from various stuff I had in my craft stashes. There's a heart theme, since this will stay on the big board through February.

You may not have any Caldecotts, Lois, but you inspired an uncrafty person like me to make this. Imagine what you have done for art loving children everywhere!

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  1. Her books were favorites of everyone in our home: mom, dad, and kids.


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