Friday, October 14, 2011

Theme of the Week: Houses!

I think the book that inspired this theme was "A New House For Mouse", one of the books I found while doing apples a few weeks ago. But in the end I didn't even use it, because I had lots of other fun stuff:


There are other versions of this book--I have the lovely old version by Rojanovsky as a big book. But I never end up using it because like all the books he did for kids, Paul Galdone's bright strong pictures call to children. This is one of the books that I HAVE to sing, but this time I also asked the kids to "hide" with the turtle, "hop" with the frogs and other actions and noises as I could create them.


I didn't get a chance to take pictures of our "Three Little Pigs" puppets or poor old Mr Wolf. He's been in the library for many,many years and I keep showing the kids how worn his teeth are. He's become a Grandpa Wolf, and since I still have this damn cough, this time he had a cold too, and really wanted nothing more than a hot bowl of soup. So the third little pig made him some wonderful vegetable soup and they lived together happily ever after. Smart little pig to go to the library and get cookbooks :D
I had one little girl who was scared of the wolf and the noise the other kids and I were making with our huffing and puffing (the wolf needed help because of his cold). So I made the story milder and kept it that way, even with the older kids. Though the wolf DID go around sniffing the kids and asking if THEY were pigs!

Cut and Tell Story: 
This is known mostly as "The Little Orange House" and is a lot of fun to do. Since I am a klutz AND left handed (I cut with my right), I made some cutting lines in pencil (and poked showed the blank side to the kids and then folded the paper so the lines were facing me. You can find the how-tos  HERE.

Little Red House
The original book is a pretty slight story. A child has a little red house. Inside that is a yellow house and a blue house and a green house and a white house. And inside the final, white house is a tiny bear "Kiss,kiss!"

I was looking to find references about this book and was amused to see that a new Internet acquaintance of mine, Anna of FutureLibrarySuperhero (and as far as I'm concerned, she's one already) had this on her blog. She'd done a lovely version based on what she'd learned from Kimberly Fauvot. Ms Fauvot wrote "Books In Bloom" which is a great book on doing storytelling with props, only I find her patterns overcomplicated and downright anal, and I've done great versions of several of the stories she suggests with much simpler stuff!

Fauvot may have done this story, but I'm betting that I did it before she did. Back when the book first came out my colleague(who was a pain in the toches to share an office with but great to coordinate with) and I immediately hit on this as a great gimmick, and got our incredibly talented page (now long grown with a son of his own) to make us a series of houses out of boxes.
The houses are probably due for a bit of urban renewal (I've patched roofs several times), but it still works well enough to use it at programs. Instead of a tiny teddy bear, I get to the white box and tell the kids that white "has all the colors in it". And then I pull out a tiny bottle of bubbles and blow bubbles!

We had a craft on Thursday, when I've got the oldest kids. But that's for another post.
And next week, of course, is pumpkins!

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