Friday, October 4, 2013

Get Ready For Halloween: The Ghost's Dinner

 Full Disclosure: I originally published this entry in 2011, but was just starting to be aware of Flannel Friday back then. And I checked and this story isn't on the Flannel Friday Pinterest board.

So for those reasons, I am offering it this week. Enjoy!

Sometimes size really DOES matter. At least in picture books!

Take the book "The Ghost's Dinner".It's a charming little story about a ghost who invites his friends to dinner, and as they eat different foods they turn different colors. Sweet and funny. It would be perfect for story hours, if it wasn't for the fact that it's a tiny book--too small for the whole group to see!
You could do this as a magnet story. But you'd have to make multiple sets of ghosts and keep moving them on and off the board. Awkward and not practical, especially with squirming small children.

I've used"Scat the Cat", that I'd used for years. I'm not sure where I'd gotten it originally (pre-Internet!) but a few years ago when I still had an assistant, we found it on a website with a clever gimmick. You cut the cat shape out of a file folder, slid different colors of paper into the file, then pulled them out to change the cat's color.

Hmm. If I could do "Scat" that way, could I do "The Ghost's Dinner" similarly?

Though I no longer have an assistant at work I still have The Man of the House (it's a Laura Ingalls Wilderism), my spouse of many years, veteran of many a weird library project. I showed him the book, showed him "Scat" and set him to work.

"Make it BIG,"I said. "It will be easier to handle and everyone will be able to see it in a group"

He took 2 large pieces of poster board. On one he drew the scene with the ghosts at the table and cut it out with an Xacto knife. He put a large piece of clear material (file cover, I think) on the underside of the cut outs. And then he glued it to the second piece of poster board like a pocket--leaving the right hand side open.

I taped large construction paper sheets together to slide into it. Thin colored poster board would work too since it comes in a variety of colors.

And as I tell the story, I slide each sheet out and the ghosts change color.Like this:


  1. SO fun, I love this idea! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. THANK THANK THANKS!!!! That was my FAVORITE Halloween story as a kid. And now I'm going to try it for my storytime next week!

  3. This is my version, I used a manila folder bc that want I had. My kids and their adults <3 it. Instead of letting sarah suggest the milk I let the kids pick a white food. Twice my ghost ate marshmallows, once vanilla cream, and the last time they had milk. Other than explaining to the kids that ghost shouldn't eat white paint it went splendidly. I can't thank you enough!

    Here is a link to my smaller ghost dinner


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